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...up date on the little bear and what he is doing.

Rahne is starting to sleep with out me for a little longer, which is nice cause i get to do a little laundry or come on the internet.

He has grown so quickly, i can hardly believe he is only 18 weeks old, it seems like so long ago he was in my womb. He is going through clothing so fast that some times I dont even get things on him before he grows out of them.

His development is moving along so nicely, I am so happy and feel so blessed to have such a happy, smart baby. He smiles, laughs, squeels, grabs things, tries to sit up by him slef, wiggles when he is on his tummy and pushes him self with his toes. i am not sure when these things started to happen, it almost seems it started all at once, all of a sudden. we play this game, when he is laying on his back, i hold his hands, and i say, 1.. 2.. 3.. and then i pull him up into a sitting possition. now he starts pulling him self up when i get to 2, or sometimes on 1! He is so smart! He loves sitting up, we have this nursing pillow that we use to prop him up in and he just laughs so much when he sits up all by him self! He loves the flying game, you know, we hold him on his tummy, and soar him all around the room, he especially loves when he is broght close to your face, then taken away, then brought close to your face again, while you make wheeee sounds and smile allot, he laughs and drools all over the place.

We are planning on doing swimming lessons as soon as the weather warms up, the first level for 3-12 month olds is called starfish! isn't that wonderful?

let see lets see, what else? i dunno, i think that is it...

oh rahne got this bear called kaloo, it is really cute and solft, and it is made with lots of rolls so it is really great for him to grab onto, and he loves it, we sing a kaloo song for him and he gets a real kick out of it. an other toy that he likes allot is the caterpiller by leap frog, it has lots of songs and such on it. ohhh, better than a rattle, are his little marakas. you can get em from dummers choice, or i guess any music store, but they are really little and have a nice shake shake sound, so yeah, good toy for youngens to hold on to, with there teeny hands.

rahne doesnt like teething toys, he likes flesh much better, so he chews his fingers and ours too, ha.

okay that is it for my little update.

untill next time, take care, be well, much love.
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