LoVE (revolution_love) wrote in bohemian_parent,

day at the doctor

watching your child scream with tears flooding thier eyes is the worst possible experiance i believe you could ever have. as if that is not hard enough to watch, but when your kisses and hugs and even milky doesnt help sooth or comfort your babe's cries you feel like joining them, your stomach twists and turns, your eyes sting, and your throat goes tight.

today was rahne's four month check-up. he weighs 15.4 lbs! docter said he is doing wonderful. i told the docter i have not been giving rahne his vitamine d drops, because he throws them up, she said just make sure we take him into then sun for half an hour at a time then. today he had his vaccinations :| yeah, it was not good, actually, it was worse than last time. he knew what was going to happen, he remembered last time. he was unsettled when we got in the room, he just started to cry and cry. he was tired and hungry so that did not help. the second shot bled and i wiped it up with my finger. dark deep red blood tear ran down his little leg. beautiful blood, blood that should be kept inside. he cried and cried. i picked him up and kissed him, jonny took him and kissed him, we stood together in embrace and he cried harder and harder.

we are home now. we took a shower he ate and now he is sleeping. he is so tired he hasnt even asked me to come back to bed. my little angel. i look forward to when these immunisations are over.

on an other note... we used our sling today! it was wonderful. after about an hour it really gets sore on the sholder, so i will have to switch sides next time.
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