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3/4/06 09:54 am - dino_might

okay folks, here is my first belly shot!
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3/3/06 08:40 am - dino_might - making your own sling!

hay all...
yesterday the sling rings i order finally came! i got them at www.slingrings.com you all should check this site out. not only do they have wonderful strong rings but they also have patterns for making your own sling....i don't know about you all but i was happy to find that out!
good luck,

3/3/06 01:26 am - om_nia

nicole made this post on the bohemian_parent myspace community. good times.

i have info on a great cloth-diaper service in GTA if you are interested.


we have used these for almost 2 years now and it is great. costs about the same as using disposables, with far less environmental degredation.

3/1/06 10:26 pm - drippingstar

im a crafty mommadying_frenzyCollapse )

2/28/06 12:54 pm - drippingstar

Name: Jessica
Location:Houston, TX soon to be Milwaukee, WI
Children: Due August 12, 2006 dont know the sex yet.
our names are Magnolia for a girl and Forrester for a boy.
Thoughts on being a parent: we're pretty excited. trying my best to do everything as natural and home made as I can without exhausting myself to death.

2/28/06 01:09 pm - dino_might

we went last week to the midwife for our first appointment. she wanted to know how far along we were so she sent us to do an ultra sound. she also changed our due date to aug 17, 2006.
here are the picturesCollapse )

2/22/06 11:15 am - revolution_love

Rahne is growing like a weed on super nuchies. I don't know if it is something I'm eating or if it is just him. I measured him today and he is 25.5 inches long! I am too lazy to go check his weight, but I'll edit this later with an update. He is wearing 6 - 9 month old clothing, but nothing really fits him right. It is eather too long or too short, too tight or too loose, but I guess that is normal. We went shopping for cloths, but bought nothing the first time, and got only thigns i sort of liked the second time out. I really dont like baby fashions. If i had time and money I would really do something about it. There is a serious need for goth/grunge/punk-rock/hipser/gypsy baby clothing.

When we found out we were expecting I really started looking at the way people parent and I really started judging what I see. Bad, horrible, thing for me to do, because I dont want any one doing that to me, and I know it had been done. Thing is, every one is going to do things their way, and really how can any one say what is right and what is wrong. I could say, as long as it is done with love, than it is okay, but some people's idea is love is very obscure and twisted, so not even that rule can be truely applied.

that's all for now, peace out love cats.

2/17/06 11:10 pm - om_nia

Name: Miss-ter Jonathan
Age: 22
Location: Canada
Children: Majik Rahne Gabriel, born October 29th 2005 @ 10:38pm in Mississauga
Thoughts on being a parent: I like it when my arms go numb, due to holding the little one for more than an hour. That's the best part.

2/15/06 06:38 pm - dino_might - i'm new.....ya!

Location:brampton ontario
Children: expecting...due aug 21, 2006
Thoughts on being a parent: i'm really excited to be a parent and to raise my baby in an ethical way! there are alot of decisions to be made but i think the biggist one is already there, we're having baby!!!

so i'm totally happy that rebecca decided to make this site and i can't wait add my two cents!

2/15/06 02:15 pm - revolution_love

we made this a little while back...

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