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The Bohemian Parent

Gaurdians of Angels, Love, and Stars

Gaurdians of Angels, Love, and Stars
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Hello! My name is Rebecca, I was looking for a livejournal community for parents, and there were so many, I couldn't find the time to look through them all! I have a few close friends who are also new parents, or who are about to be new parents, so instead of joining a group, I made my own.

This is a community for Mums and Dads who dare to be different. For parents who are going by thier insticts. This is a community to brag about how yr child is the cutest, smartest, and over all coolest. This is where you can come to ask questions and offer suggestions. This is a community for those of open minds and open hearts. I understand that there is no wrong or right way of raising your child, and I believe, as long as your putting your heart into it, than you are doing a good job.

There are no rules, yet, so come one, come all, and join the live journal community for bohemian parents.

If you would be so kind, take a moment to tell us a little about yr self.

*(if you are pregnant, tell us yr due date, the baby's sex, if you know it, and names you are thinking about)
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