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he crawls. he walks as he grips on tight. he bites his lip and blood comes flowing out. he tries to jump off my sholdhers. my stomach cramps as my hearts slows. my boy is growing up.

funny. didnt know it would happen so quickly.

october 29th 2005
a devious angel
came into this world
nine months
12 hours
they broke the water
epidural drip
one hour
to push through
the light of the world
love to save us all
my baby boy
came inot the world

congradulations to the expecting mothers whos babys have arrived!

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he wants to be independant, but secretly he loves to company. he tries to crawl, but he is affraid to fall. he smiles and reaches for you. he loves big people food and big people toys, but his things bore him quickly. he chew on cell phones and remote controls. he takes up most of the bed. he says ma when he wants nurturing and da when he wants to have fun, but he does not nessissarly mean ma for me or da for jonathan. he loves to walk, jump, dance, and ride on our sholders. he gulps down water, and loves to splash around in it. he blows raspberries. he loves to be tickeled, sometimes. he has two teeth on the bottom and two teeth about to come out the top. he uses his left and right hand. he plays the piano with his feet. he chew on marakas. he plays the guitar. he is an angel, and he knows it. he pretends he is vicious just to confuse you.

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you just might love this...

nalgene has created a sippy cup! it comes in only two awful colours: blue and pink, but it is fabulous for when your little one is ready to start drinking water, or whatever. rahne is always drinking out of ours, but he always spills, so now we'll have less mess... if he uses his that is!

cute cute cute

yesturday we took rahne swiming. i brought him right inot the middle of the pool. he was scared. he was upset by the happy splashing children. we were leaving and mylove suggested we sit him on the top step where the water is shallow and see what he does. he wasso cute. he started kicking and splashing. so we stood him on the second step and he started to bounce. so i shouldnt have brought him rightin. ahh well, iknow for next time! after the swim we went to pizza pizza and i cleaned one of thier highchiars and put him in. he sat up all by him self and just palyed iwth a napkin- with out putting it in his mouth! then i gave him my pizza crust and he started examining it then he started eating it! cute cute cute. he has grow up so much, but i still see my baby boy. i get how our parents must feel about us.

thanks to a friend we found gooddipares we can afford. baby city has afforadble prices and the diapersarent bad. still changing rahen through the night tho. if we dont the pee leaks.

still breast feeding. rahne is eating veggies and fruist, when blended. i tryed to just mash em up but he was not into the textures still. so i blened till smooth. he is eating pees and carrots this week, and carrots and apples. when peaches are in season we are gonna stat those. e tryed mango, did not go over well though. but i like them now. rahne went thorugh a serious growth spurt. he is so slid now. you pick him up and there is a serious wight to him. but he isnt fatter or anything, the weigh must all be in his bones. he was eating cerial three tims a day, and at least once a day he would eat two ice cubes of veggies/fruits. and he was nursing half as much as usual. now he is nursing more than he is eating food. i thought it was the heat. but i think he is just adjusting to the growth spurt. my dad and jonnys dad both said babys play little games and it is up to us to keep up. i guess the same.

anyway. things are awsome. i feel different. a little seperated from my self, and my old life. i thnk some times it is hard, but i know that i love it.

rahne is going to be moving soon. he wants to crawl and walk , but not yet.

well take care thats it for our little update. be well.
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rahne is amaizing. awe-some. he is doing really well. he is talking allot now. making lots of sounds and stringing them all together. he is sitting with out assitance for a bit. he is trying to crawl. he is eating foods. he is about 18lbs. he still pees allot through the night. he is sitll breastfeeding. he likes me to cuddel and myLove to play. he is ticklish. he has stincky farts. he has the cutest giggle sounds. he is trying to sit up from a laying dow possition, all by him slef. he grabs thigns and throws them. he likes all animals.

there is so much much much more, but i am gonna go update some pictures. visite us, hangout with our little sun-shine.

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every night before i go to sleep. i have to arrange my seven pillows just right. between the knees, wedged behind my back under my neck, etc. and then i can sleep. so after finally situating last night the baby starts having a field day. i swear it felt like he/she was breakdancing in there. THEN starts kicking my bladder repeatedly so all of a sudden i feel like i really have to pee even though i jsut did. but there was just no way i was getting up out of my pillow arrangement :)

go baby go

last night rahne was enjoying some tummy time in his crib when he raised him self up the highest has yet, and then he started to push his knees forward. he pushed him self up a little, and farward about a milimeter, then he just turned him self onto his back. cute!

he still hates his car seat. we really can only take him some where if we walk or take the bus. if we go in the car for more than a few minutes he cries at the top of his lungs. tears and every thing. (rahne only cries with tears when he is actually upset. he pretends allot, we know if he is faking it by the lack of tears.)

i wanna go vegge, but i am wondering what to eat to get the iron and protien i need. but, the actual problem is, i am not passionate about it. the only reason i want to do it is for health reasons. the way i see it, veggies are living things too, so, no matter what i eat i am killing sometihing. so i am torn.

day at the doctor

watching your child scream with tears flooding thier eyes is the worst possible experiance i believe you could ever have. as if that is not hard enough to watch, but when your kisses and hugs and even milky doesnt help sooth or comfort your babe's cries you feel like joining them, your stomach twists and turns, your eyes sting, and your throat goes tight.

today was rahne's four month check-up. he weighs 15.4 lbs! docter said he is doing wonderful. i told the docter i have not been giving rahne his vitamine d drops, because he throws them up, she said just make sure we take him into then sun for half an hour at a time then. today he had his vaccinations :| yeah, it was not good, actually, it was worse than last time. he knew what was going to happen, he remembered last time. he was unsettled when we got in the room, he just started to cry and cry. he was tired and hungry so that did not help. the second shot bled and i wiped it up with my finger. dark deep red blood tear ran down his little leg. beautiful blood, blood that should be kept inside. he cried and cried. i picked him up and kissed him, jonny took him and kissed him, we stood together in embrace and he cried harder and harder.

we are home now. we took a shower he ate and now he is sleeping. he is so tired he hasnt even asked me to come back to bed. my little angel. i look forward to when these immunisations are over.

on an other note... we used our sling today! it was wonderful. after about an hour it really gets sore on the sholder, so i will have to switch sides next time.

...up date on the little bear and what he is doing.

Rahne is starting to sleep with out me for a little longer, which is nice cause i get to do a little laundry or come on the internet.

He has grown so quickly, i can hardly believe he is only 18 weeks old, it seems like so long ago he was in my womb. He is going through clothing so fast that some times I dont even get things on him before he grows out of them.

His development is moving along so nicely, I am so happy and feel so blessed to have such a happy, smart baby. He smiles, laughs, squeels, grabs things, tries to sit up by him slef, wiggles when he is on his tummy and pushes him self with his toes. i am not sure when these things started to happen, it almost seems it started all at once, all of a sudden. we play this game, when he is laying on his back, i hold his hands, and i say, 1.. 2.. 3.. and then i pull him up into a sitting possition. now he starts pulling him self up when i get to 2, or sometimes on 1! He is so smart! He loves sitting up, we have this nursing pillow that we use to prop him up in and he just laughs so much when he sits up all by him self! He loves the flying game, you know, we hold him on his tummy, and soar him all around the room, he especially loves when he is broght close to your face, then taken away, then brought close to your face again, while you make wheeee sounds and smile allot, he laughs and drools all over the place.

We are planning on doing swimming lessons as soon as the weather warms up, the first level for 3-12 month olds is called starfish! isn't that wonderful?

let see lets see, what else? i dunno, i think that is it...

oh rahne got this bear called kaloo, it is really cute and solft, and it is made with lots of rolls so it is really great for him to grab onto, and he loves it, we sing a kaloo song for him and he gets a real kick out of it. an other toy that he likes allot is the caterpiller by leap frog, it has lots of songs and such on it. ohhh, better than a rattle, are his little marakas. you can get em from dummers choice, or i guess any music store, but they are really little and have a nice shake shake sound, so yeah, good toy for youngens to hold on to, with there teeny hands.

rahne doesnt like teething toys, he likes flesh much better, so he chews his fingers and ours too, ha.

okay that is it for my little update.

untill next time, take care, be well, much love.