LoVE (revolution_love) wrote in bohemian_parent,

go baby go

last night rahne was enjoying some tummy time in his crib when he raised him self up the highest has yet, and then he started to push his knees forward. he pushed him self up a little, and farward about a milimeter, then he just turned him self onto his back. cute!

he still hates his car seat. we really can only take him some where if we walk or take the bus. if we go in the car for more than a few minutes he cries at the top of his lungs. tears and every thing. (rahne only cries with tears when he is actually upset. he pretends allot, we know if he is faking it by the lack of tears.)

i wanna go vegge, but i am wondering what to eat to get the iron and protien i need. but, the actual problem is, i am not passionate about it. the only reason i want to do it is for health reasons. the way i see it, veggies are living things too, so, no matter what i eat i am killing sometihing. so i am torn.
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