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yesturday we took rahne swiming. i brought him right inot the middle of the pool. he was scared. he was upset by the happy splashing children. we were leaving and mylove suggested we sit him on the top step where the water is shallow and see what he does. he wasso cute. he started kicking and splashing. so we stood him on the second step and he started to bounce. so i shouldnt have brought him rightin. ahh well, iknow for next time! after the swim we went to pizza pizza and i cleaned one of thier highchiars and put him in. he sat up all by him self and just palyed iwth a napkin- with out putting it in his mouth! then i gave him my pizza crust and he started examining it then he started eating it! cute cute cute. he has grow up so much, but i still see my baby boy. i get how our parents must feel about us.

thanks to a friend we found gooddipares we can afford. baby city has afforadble prices and the diapersarent bad. still changing rahen through the night tho. if we dont the pee leaks.

still breast feeding. rahne is eating veggies and fruist, when blended. i tryed to just mash em up but he was not into the textures still. so i blened till smooth. he is eating pees and carrots this week, and carrots and apples. when peaches are in season we are gonna stat those. e tryed mango, did not go over well though. but i like them now. rahne went thorugh a serious growth spurt. he is so slid now. you pick him up and there is a serious wight to him. but he isnt fatter or anything, the weigh must all be in his bones. he was eating cerial three tims a day, and at least once a day he would eat two ice cubes of veggies/fruits. and he was nursing half as much as usual. now he is nursing more than he is eating food. i thought it was the heat. but i think he is just adjusting to the growth spurt. my dad and jonnys dad both said babys play little games and it is up to us to keep up. i guess the same.

anyway. things are awsome. i feel different. a little seperated from my self, and my old life. i thnk some times it is hard, but i know that i love it.

rahne is going to be moving soon. he wants to crawl and walk , but not yet.

well take care thats it for our little update. be well.
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